IrisPRO Inertial Profilers

IrisPRO High Speed Profiler

The IrisPRO is renowned for its accuracy and repeatability, routinely achieving cross-correlations of 0.99 during AASHTO R56 and ASTM E950 certifications. You can trust ICC equipment for your construction QC, smoothness assurance, and warranty validation needs.

IrisPRO Lightweight

You don’t want to put weight on freshly-laid pavements, but it’s the optimal time to check the smoothness. The lightweight profiler is the solution. It is also a great option for walkways, pathways, and bike trails.

IrisPRO Portable

The Portable Profiler features the same high accuracy but fits in a shipping container for easy transportation. It can be readily moved from vehicle to vehicle.


The IrisPRO+ adds the eye to your Iris system. Profile data makes so much more sense with images. Camera options include the popular Point Gray Ladybug 5+ 30MP Spherical camera and the Basler Ace 9MP camera. Contact us today to discuss additional options.

Watch the video to take the I-275 and the Howard Frankland Bridge across Tampa Bay in 30 seconds.