International Cybernetics Corp
Pavement Survey Vehicles

Achieve complete integration of industry-leading subsystems including the ICC inertial profiler, LCMS-2, Ladybug 5+, Basler cameras, Trimble DGPS, Applanix POS/LV, and more.

Data Collection – Made Faster

Collecting pavement data on your network – just driving your roads – usually accounts for the majority of your time and cost.  Consider how much time your crews will save when the collection equipment is easy to calibrate and maintain, the collection core keeps everything tightly and effortlessly synchronized, the subsystems play well together, the overall system is reliable, and the collection software tracks the routes to be collected and helps the crew navigate.  Contact us to learn more about ICC Drive.

Data Processing – Made Easier

Pavement data is available in higher resolutions and greater volumes than ever before. Processing this data efficiently and producing accurate and repeatable results has been a challenge for the industry. Until now.

With ICC Connect, one software application is all you need to process your collected data, match it to your roads, view it, compare it, and summarize it for upload into your Pavement Management System (PMS).  You will be processing and analyzing data faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Contact us today for a demonstration.

3D Pavement Imaging

The Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) uses lasers, high speed cameras, and advanced optics to acquire high resolution 3D profiles. The unique 3D vision technology measures both asphalt and concrete surfaces up to 4m in width at highway speeds (up to 65mph or 105 km/h). The LCMS acquires the road surface with 1mm resolution allowing for the visualization and characterization of all features on the road surface.

LCMS data is acquired and compressed in real time in the vehicle to reduce storage needs. The system detects and analyzes cracks, lane widths, rut depths, potholes, macrotexture, patches, raveling, and sealed cracks.

The new generation LCMS-2 is now available with collection rates up to 28,000 profiles/s, five times faster than the LCMS-1. This allows smaller cracks, especially transverse cracks, to be detected more consistently than in the past. The vertical accuracy has also improved from 0.50 mm to 0.25 mm.

With ICC software, you can process and analyze LCMS data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Contact us today for a demonstration.

Right-of-way Imaging

The Ladybug 5+ captures high quality spherical images using six 5MP cameras for a 360 degree view of the roadway and surroundings. The images can be viewed in panoramic mode, 360 mode, or individual directional images can be extracted at any desired camera angles.

The ICC collection platform also supports all Basler GigE cameras.

All cameras are triggered on a fixed-distance basis, image capture is precisely synchronized to GPSTime and DMI, and cameras are calibrated for asset inventory and geo-referenced measurements from the images.


GPS Positioning

A high quality DGPS system is standard on ICC pavement imaging systems. The optional Applanix POS/LV (Position and Orientation System for Land Vehicles) system is designed to operate under the most difficult GNSS conditions found in urban and suburban environments, compensating for poor GPS satellite visibility. It delivers highly accurate, uninterrupted positioning and orientation information with reliability in almost any environment.


ICC Profiler and Collection Core

The ICC Profiler is renowned for exceptional accuracy and repeatability, routinely far exceeding the requirements of AASHTO R56, TxDOT, and ASTM E950 certifications. The system is equipped with a target sensor for precise start/stop on control sites. Data can be easily exported and viewed in ProVAL and in ICC Connect.