We have solutions to measure roads throughout their lifecycle: design and pre-construction surveys, post-construction quality control and as-built surveys, as well as long-term pavement performance monitoring.  Understanding the rate of pavement deterioration over time is critical to a well-functioning pavement management system.  Our systems are accurate and repeatable, giving you confidence that you can track the condition of your roads over time.

Capturing high resolution imaging and a reference profile


Uneven walkways are a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, and accessibility is crucial in modern cities. Our small cart-mounted technology allows you to scan and image your sidewalks and measure any defects.

Fault in a sidewalk


We have solutions for measuring and monitoring bridge decks for surface condition and deterioration.  High resolution imaging and sensor data allow you to assess the condition of your bridge decks and their surroundings.

Bridge deck as seen in Ladybug 5+ image


Our 2D and 3D imaging solutions combine multiple passes into one comprehensive, stitched view of runway and taxiway surfaces for condition rating.  Our profilers compute the industry-standard Boeing Bump Index for smoothness monitoring.

Airport runway