RPUG 2018 – Rapid City, SD

Congratulations to Bob Olenoski on his dedication and contributions to our industry throughout the last 40+ years!

To Bob – Retirement is an opportunity life gives you to have the time or chance to do what you always wanted. Congratulations and we wish you the best for many years to come.

(Pictured) Bob receiving an award at RPUG (Rapid City – 2018) presented by David Huft (SDDOT) for his commitment and ongoing support to the road profiling community. Joining on stage for the presentation were Rob Olenoski, Michael Nieminen, and Glenn Hennin.

Bob receiving an award at RPUG

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Validating Road Rejuvenation Performance with ICC Systems

Check out this great article written by Chris Evers published by the Florida Community Association Professionals about using state-of-the-art imaging to validate the effect of using a maltene-based rejuvenator on the life of a pavement.

“When a state-of-the-art technology comes along that can independently validate real-world road preservation, there’s a good reason for excitement.”

Using State-of-the-Art Imaging Technology to Validate Road Rejuvenation Performance



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International Cybernetics Attracts Investors and Appoints CEO

News Release International Cybernetics Attracts Investors and Appoints CEO Largo, FL – International Cybernetics Co. (ICC) is excited to announce a strategic investment by Delaware-based Infrastructure Ventures 2018, LP to accelerate the delivery of client-focused technology for road survey and road condition monitoring applications. The transaction was concluded on March 31, 2018.


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