International Cybernetics Corp

Field Operator

We are looking for a mechanically- and electrically-inclined individual to join our Services team as a Field Operator.  In this position, you will drive and operate a truck towing a specialized trailer or a van equipped with cameras and measuring systems.  You will travel primarily around the United States and Canada.  The typical collection day consists of 8 to 12 hours of vehicle operation on highways, ramps, and both major and minor roads in rural and urban settings, depending on the project requirements.  Projects may require either daytime or nighttime collection, and our fleet operation runs 7 days per week limited only by weather (you cannot collect if it is raining).  Your assignments would usually see you spend about 20-22 days in the field every month, with the rest of the time off.  This is an ideal position for a person who wants to earn above average pay while being comfortable spending many hours on the road and away from home.

Electronics Technician

We are looking for a skilled Electronics Technician with a strong background in electronics and computers to join our Production team.  This individual must possess the ability to understand, build, and troubleshoot electro-mechanical systems including printed circuit boards (PCB), computer systems, and both serial and Ethernet communications cabling. The successful candidate will document build procedures, wiring diagrams, and electrical schematics.  A familiarity with assembling computers, installing software including operating systems, networking computers and switches, and sourcing required computer components is a plus. After build, setup, and installation, the technician must fully test the complete system operation.

This multi-faceted position offers opportunity for personal growth through a variety of customer projects and continuous hands-on learning.  The ideal individual must be willing to engage in new tasks and motivated to meet growth objectives.

Software Developer

We having an opening for a Software Developer who has a proven track record delivering working applications to customers. A strong knowledge of both C/C++ and C#/.NET is required. The successful candidate will be comfortable in a fast-paced agile development team. Experience with data collection systems, hardware integration, data processing applications, large data sets, signal processing, vision systems, cameras, and road data would be an asset.

To Apply

Contact Us today if you are interested in a position with ICC. We thank all candidates for applying, but due to time constraints we generally only respond to candidates selected for an interview.