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For 45 years, ICC has been manufacturing precision hardware for pavement testing.  Our commitment to our customers has made us a trusted partner for government agencies, civil engineering firms, and roadway contractors globally.

Industry veteran Michael Nieminen joined the company as CEO during the course of an ownership change in April 2018, and has accelerated the addition of advanced software to ICC’s flagship hardware platforms while expanding the company’s line of solutions and service offerings.

With the launch of Connect in 2019 and Drive in 2021, the team has redesigned the company’s product line. Our software delivers industry-leading capabilities for data collection, data processing, visualization, and reporting. ICC’s unique software platform enables flexible and efficient reporting for near-term maintenance planning and construction quality control, while facilitating longer-term strategic asset management planning, and simplifying federally-required reporting (such as HPMS and TAMP).  Today we continue to develop solutions that deliver better data, which leads to better decisions for our customers and the pavement and asset management industry.

We are proud to have served over 700 customers in more than 70 countries around the world.  With ICC, you can measure with confidence, monitor with ease!

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With more than 40 years of combined experience at ICC and over 50 years in the pavement management industry, ICC’s management team provides superior products and services, outstanding customer support, and advances the pavement management industry through engagement with our customers and active participation in industry associations and events.

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Michael Nieminen

Michael Nieminen



Michael Nieminen, P.E., P.Eng., has a 20-year track record of taking a collaborative approach to solve tough industry challenges. Having led teams that collected and delivered hundreds of thousands of miles of road condition data for state and local governments, he now applies this experience to innovate and transform ICC products and software.

Michael’s mission is to achieve accuracy and repeatability through automation.

Jason Trotter

Jason Trotter

Director of Business Development, Eastern Region


A background in pavement data collection, asset inventory, and pavement and asset management systems, Jason Trotter supports ICC’s vision with a focus on customer advocacy and support, business development. Applying technical understandings to projects, he has collaborated with engineering consultants, contractors, public sector agencies, and P3 projects providing guidance and successful project deliveries since 2005. Actively involved in industry associations, like TRB and ATSSA, Jason stays current to pavement needs through his state, provincial, and municipal networks across the US and Canada.

Michael Robson

Michael Robson

Director of Business Development, Western Region


Michael Robson focus is aligning ICC services and products for State DOT and Public Works transportation agencies. He brings over 40 years as a trusted advisor in providing expert solutions to manage agency transportation assets.  Utilizing his experience gained in highway performance data, asset inventories, and Transportation Asset Management Systems, he implements knowledge towards designing and negotiating solutions to complex requirements.

Michael’s goals and success rely on providing value and defensible benefits to his clients.

Chase Fleeman

Chase Fleeman

Operations Manager


With over 15 years at ICC, Chase Fleeman leads a team of designers, fabricators, technicians, and customer support specialists, providing new equipment manufacturing, maintenance, upgrades, and support to ICC’s customer base. From design, materials, production, acceptance testing, and training, Chase manages the end-to-end process for all equipment builds, upgrades, and customer support. He works closely with the Engineering Team to support product innovation, and provides Sales Engineering support. His long tenure with the company gives Chase an informed perspective on all aspects of ICC’s products and operations.

John Till

John Till



John Till is the Controller at ICC. John has previously held an operations analyst role at a privately held company. He also served as an audit professional with Ernst & Young, providing extensive exposure through the execution of audits in both public and private sectors, including private equity. John is responsible for ICC’s financial operations, focused on navigating ICC through ongoing growth.

John is a licensed CPA in the state of Florida.

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