Viewing Software

Viewing Software

Indiana DOT staff may use ICC’s Connect™ software to view the Field Evaluation data collected by International Cybernetics (ICC) from November 27-28, 2021 to meet the submission requirements for RFP #2110 Highway Pavement Condition Data Collection Services.


How it Works

All data and images are hosted in the cloud. This data can be easily accessed and played using the Connect™ software. The Connect™ app must be installed on a Windows 10 computer, and the computer should have a good internet connection (at least 100 Mbps). You can test your actual download speed at SpeedTest.net.


Click the link below to download the Connect™ viewer:

Connect Viewer

Simply run the app to install it locally, and then double-click the Connect icon on the desktop. It will automatically connect to the Iowa data set in the cloud.

To get started, run the ICC Connect app. To get the most out of your viewing experience, read the information below.




The main delivery report is called Indiana_Demo. Each row represents a 0.100-mile segment that matches exactly with the GIS definitions provided. Click on any record to jump to the start of that 0.100-mile record. Use the play controls at the bottom left to advance through each section. You can also click on the map or on charts to jump to specific locations.

You can set the filters in the column headers to show a specific route. For example, you could filter RoadName on SR66 to see that route only. Alternatively, you can filter on the ROUTE_ID and DIRECTION fields to use attributes that match your GIS, as shown below. You can also filter the report only to show numerical values of interest, such as segments with RUT_RWP values > 0.50 inches.


Workspaces provide a way to save window layouts. Three workspaces are preconfigured: INDOT_Condition, INDOT_TransverseProfile, and INDOT_AlternateCameraViews. The workspaces have been optimized for a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor. 

To load a different workspace, select Open, Load Workspace. You can also resize windows, move them around, and add new windows from the View menu to create your own workspaces.


Would you like Details with that Summary?

Don’t settle for summary data only. Connect allows you to understand the condition of your road network at the report level, but also to drill-down into the details.

We call it “miles to inches.” All the data you need to analyze and understand your pavements is readily accessible.

For example, for distress details, open the INDOT_Condition workspace. You will see all classified distresses superimposed on the pavement images, with the details available in the View > Pavement > Distress tab. Also, try adding graphs of the raw data from View > Charts




For convenience, a ZIP file is provided that contains the Geodatabase (GDB), Asset Marking Guide, and Pavement Data Dictionary for review by the evaluation team.

Field Trial Deliverables (ZIP)




If you have questions or need technical support with ICC Connect, please call us at 727-547-0696 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern time or send an email to support@internationalcybernetics.com.

For questions about ICC’s proposal for Indiana DOT, please contact Michael Robson at 602-300-5712 or send an email to mrobson@internationalcybernetics.com.