International Cybernetics Corp
Imaging Solutions

ICC offers multiple solutions for right-of-way imaging. Our systems have a 5 megapixel or better resolution and can be used even in challenging lighting conditions.

Ultra Low Light Imaging


Forward and Right of way (ROW)Camera System

  • Collects high quality digital images of the right of way at highway speeds
  • The camera’s subsystem utilizes a digital camera mounted inside the vehicle or on top of the vehicle.
  • The subsystem is designed to withstand shock, vibrations and the environmental elements required for a vehicle traveling up to 75 MPH.
  • Captures JPEG format images
  • Available as stand-alone system or synchronized with any ICC collection platform

360° Image Capture Subsystem

  • Capture high quality spherical images while traveling at highway speeds
  • Six 5MP cameras for individual or panoramic views
Ladybug 5


  • Forward and Right-of-way (ROW) Camera Subsystem supports any Basler GigE camera as well as several other specialized models
  • 360° Ladybug 5+ Image Capture Subsystem
  • Tight synchronization with all other subsystems
  • Sub-meter accuracy for asset inventory (requires accurate GPS subsystem)
  • Proprietary camera calibration for single-frame measurements


  • Digital progressive scan color CCD camera with a combined sensor resolution of 30MP
  • Optional 360 degree camera (LadyBug)
  • Compressed digital JPEG images
  • Selectable capture rate allowing one adjustable image at speeds up to 75 MPH
  • Rugged capture processor
  • Color images are compressed by the JPEG algorithm and stored on removable hard drives. Selectable quality verses storage control
  • Interface control board, cabling and software for MDR control system
  • Image capture control software running under Windows platform