ICC Unify Suite

ICC is re-imagining data collection and processing for the year 2020 and beyond. Our new software suite has everything you need to collect quality data smoothly, to process data quickly, and to publish the results to stakeholders and clients efficiently.

Drive™ is designed to simplify the collection of quality road data with built-in calibration schedules, real-time quality control, GIS maps, section tracking, audible alerts, voice memos, and exception reporting.

Measure with confidence. Monitor with ease.


Just drive

The all-new Drive™ software allows your field operators to focus on the task at hand: safely driving the road network. A single user interface controls all subsystems. Touch screens make the interface easy-to-learn. Every function is a click or tap away.

GIS integration

Import the entire road network in one step from GIS. Define your collection rules such as required directions and lanes. Collect against the map and see progress in real-time.

Built-in calibration schedules

Ensure that all calibrations called for in your Data Quality Management Plan are completed on time. Set the calibration requirements and see past and future calibrations on the calendar. By default, collection cannot begin until overdue calibrations are completed. The vehicle’s full calibration history can also be viewed and exported for easy delivery to the office and end client.

Calibration wizards

Completing calibrations is now easier than ever. Step-by-step wizards walk the operator through each process, providing audio cues as well.


Project setup

Drive makes it easy to configure the equipment for each project. Define as many projects as you want, with custom session attributes (run options) for each project, and set mandatory and optional fields that must be entered by the operator. Set profiler sample interval, camera trigger intervals, LCMS-2 resolution, and more. Change units of measure and storage locations. Meet your project requirements without backflips.


Centralized quality control

Warnings and errors from all subsystems are streamed into a single Notifications window, with an audible voice reading out important messages. Catch issues before they affect your processing team. The real-time QC monitors GPS, DMI, Ladybug cameras, Basler Camera, LCMS, network connectivity, USB connectivity, ADAS health, collector service, storage space, and more. Collected data is even stamped with a hash to allow detection of data corruption during file transfers. Who else does that?


Review data

Quickly browse collected data on the truck. Review right-of-way and pavement image quality, check driven routes on the map, view sensor data and events, and edit session attributes. Look up all errors and notifications that may have occurred on each run to decide whether reruns are necessary. You can also clear extraneous collections before data is shipped to the office.

End-of-day upload

Produce a collection summary package at the end of the day and send it to the office. They can import it into Connect, validate the collection, and produce a collection status report.

Stay up-to-date

With the built-in self-updater, your equipment can be easily updated to the latest version of Drive™, say when you are between projects. Say goodbye to downtime, update scripts, and IT personnel involvement when new versions become available. A normal software update takes less than 10 minutes.


Available in your language

Drive™ is available in 8 languages and we are adding support for more.


More features

  • Support for overlapping road networks (e.g. all roads, HPMS sections, and validation sites)
  • Full support for both GIS and LRS collection modes
  • Built-in SLD viewer with customizable icons and road characteristics
  • Advanced sectioning and stationing options for profiling
  • Option to auto-stop collection after a user-defined length
  • Batch mode ERD/PPF export for ProVAL, ProFAA, and other software
  • Equipment configurations are backed up to ICC’s cloud database
  • 4G and WiFi connectivity for basemap updates and end-of-day process support
  • Always-on remote access for efficient support by ICC technicians
  • And more…