International Cybernetics Corp
Standard Range
FrictionTester SR

System consists of a specially equipped truck and trailer that collects accurate surface friction data. The trailer is available in single- and dual-sided versions. The system meets the requirements of ASTM E274 and ASTM E1337.

Standard Range Friction Tester

The Friction Tester SR measures pavement friction.  The trailer is available in single- and dual-sided versions.  The single-sided trailer applies the water and braking force on one side only, whereas the dual-sided unit alternates between the two sides to measure friction in both wheelpaths.

  • Measures the average friction coefficient of a paved surface in accordance with ASTM E274
  • Measures the peak or incipient slip friction of a paved surface in accordance with ASTM E1337
  • Helps determine changes in surface friction due to deterioration, weathering, or other characteristics

The information collected with the system has a number of applications:

  • Determine if a paved surface needs resurfacing or DOT rehabilitation
  • Determine if runways have adequate friction values to meet airport specifications
  • Test characteristics of new surface treatments, such as high friction treatments
  • Determine if roadways, intersections, and crosswalks have safe friction levels

ICC friction testers help you avoid legal claims and penalties.


  • Extremely user-friendly, menu driven software
  • Real-time dynamic data logging and graphing
  • Automatic calibration and error checking
  • Automatic, warning or manual data collection modes
  • Air/Water blow-out (prevents damage from expanding freezing water)
  • Extra large dash display for both speed and distance
  • System carries additional test tire
  • Trailer compartments are accessible with hinged, aluminum hoods including suspension area
  • Trailer professionally painted and treated with Kevlar chip guard
  • Trailer suspension adjustable, permits calibration without touching transducer

Optional Subsystems

    • One or Two Sided Test Systems
    • Dash Display for Speed and DMI
    • GPS or DGPS
    • Mapping Systems
    • Texture and International Friction Number
    • Digital Video Logging
    • Temperature Sensing


Tow Vehicle

  • One-ton, Super Duty Vehicle
  • Extended or Crew-cab Pick-up
  • 11,000 or 14,000 GVWR
  • Single or dual rear wheels
  • 300 to 425 gallon baffled water tank

Test Trailer

  • One or two sided test system
  • Heavy duty coil spring suspension
  • Solid state air to hydraulic power disc braking system
  • Dual axis transducer(s)
  • Precision speed sensing system
  • High performance brake calipers
  • Maintenance free coil-over shocks with custom valving to match legacy systems


  • Industrial PC or Laptop
  • High-Speed Processor
  • High-resolution flat panel display