Friction Testers

Friction testers measure pavement friction.  A friction tester consists of a truck with a water tank and control system and a specialized skid trailer.  The trailer is available in single- and dual-sided versions.  The single-sided trailer applies the water and braking force on one side only, whereas the dual-sided unit alternates between the two sides to measure friction in both wheelpaths.

  • Measures the average friction coefficient of a paved surface in accordance with ASTM E274
  • Measures the peak or incipient slip friction of a paved surface in accordance with ASTM E1337
  • Helps determine changes in surface friction due to deterioration, weathering, or other characteristics

The information collected with the system has a number of applications:

  • Determine if a paved surface needs resurfacing or DOT rehabilitation
  • Determine if runways have adequate friction values to meet airport specifications
  • Test characteristics of new surface treatments, such as high friction treatments
  • Determine if roadways, intersections, and crosswalks have safe friction levels

ICC friction testers help you avoid legal claims and penalties.

Friction Tester SR

System consists of a specially equipped truck and trailer that collects accurate surface friction data. The truck has a 300 to 400 gallon water tank, depending on the type of truck chosen. The system meets the requirements of ASTM E274 and ASTM E1337.

Friction Tester XR

The Extended Range system collects accurate friction data for extremely long distances. The system can hold up to 1200 gallons of water which results in a 400% increase in productivity.

Supported Options

Add cameras and GPS to any friction tester to improve referencing of the data and to aid interpretation.