Friction Services

Every highway agency is working to improve safety of their roadways. Learn why collecting friction and geometric data is critical to identifying at-risk areas for roadway departures, one of the leading causes of highway fatalities.

Friction & Safety Testing

ICC provides friction testing and road geometrics surveys as a turnkey service, providing critical information related to roadway safety for pavement management, construction acceptance, and project investigations.


Most highway agencies have established a goal to have zero roadway fatalities. Over half of fatal crashes are due to roadway departures with wet pavements and horizontal curvature as leading road-related factors. Reducing roadway departures is a goal of Strategic Highway Safety Programs in all 50 U.S. states.

How can we reduce accidents? 

One way is identifying areas with high friction demand and then treat those areas proactively, for example with a High Friction Surface Treatment.

Does your agency need to locate high friction demand areas?  

Need to measure horizontal curvature to confirm adequate signage and guardrails are in place?

Friction Testing Services

An industry-leading expert in surface friction testing, International Cybernetics (ICC) has been engineering and manufacturing lock-wheel surface friction testers (SFT) since 1975. ICC also has provided friction service solutions for network level, site-based, construction acceptance, and accident site investigations for more than 25 years throughout the US and Canada. It is no wonder why ICC is trusted by industry professionals to consistently deliver quality, accurate, easy-to-understand, data analysis reporting than any other friction services provider.
ICC’s SFTs comply with industry specifications, including ASTM E274 and AASHTO T242. ICC offers static, Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT) data analysis per ASTM E1911 and delivers Macrotexture Mean Profile Depth (MPD) data assessments per ASTM E1845.

Our certified technicians perform all road condition surveys using up-to-date, industry-recognized, and calibrated equipment. All data can be analyzed, processed, and verified for quality control by ICC’s team of expert analysts and engineers.

Need data quickly?

Agencies consistently reach out as ICC processes and team are efficient and can provide a fast turnaround time for data to keep your project on track.   

Need to report data results?

Friction reports are fully customizable based on client needs and include in-depth performance measures and resistance results. The lock-wheel data evaluation details several parameters for testing locations. Data examples include Friction Number (FN), Run and Site Averages, Minimums and Maximums (FN, FN40R, Speed, Water). 

International Cybernetics (ICC) has worked with trade specialists, facilitating an array of friction service needs since 1982. No matter the project location, Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation customized friction services estimate.