International Cybernetics Corp
Roadway Geometrics

ICC provides a mobile geometrics measurement solution by combining measurements from the the ICC profiler with INS data obtained from the Applanix POS and optionally the Pavemetrics LCMS.

Roadway Geometrics

The geometric design of roads is the branch of highway engineering concerned with the positioning of the physical elements of the roadway according to standards and constraints. The basic objectives in geometric design are to optimize efficiency and safety while minimizing cost and environmental damage. The geometrics of a highway consists of features that affect or relate to its operational quality and safety.

International Cybernetics Corporation has fully integrated the Applanix product line into its MDR system. The POS LV has several levels of accuracy and is used to collect precise inertial/GPS measurements for vehicle position and orientation in a dynamic environment. The POS LV products are designed to improve the quality of the users’ data, and to increase the productivity of surveying, positioning and mapping missions.

The redesigned POS LV V5 is rugged, sealed, and with a POS Computer System (PCS) that is half the size of the previous version. Because it delivers accurate, uninterrupted positioning and orientation information from a moving vehicle with superior reliability and from almost any environment, it significantly expands the operational capability of I and-based mobile mapping. So whether battling rough jungle roads, or even rugged off-road terrain, the system provides accurate measurements of the position, roll, pitch, and true heading of the moving survey vehicle and the sensors onboard. This improved durability and reliability allows users to take POS LV into extreme environments, thus addressing mobile mapping and navigation applications previously not possible.

Applanix POS LV

Generates continuous, accurate, position and orientation information under the most difficult GPS conditions:

  • Produces precise, high-rate, low-latency, real-time data
  • Operates at normal highway traffic speeds for cost-effective data capture
  • Allows quick operational capability with installation, calibration and training completed in as little as three days
  • Includes an automatic redundant data logging capability
  • Uses the latest survey-grade GPS technology for improved positioning performance
  • Requires less space in the survey vehicle, using a small, lightweight POS Computer System (PCS)

Technology & Components

The increased demand for accurate absolute positioning has meant the more traditional geo-referencing methodology, of using linear distance traveled to provide relative location data, is now no longer acceptable for many applications.

The POS LV system generates precise, robust positioning and orientation information for mobile data acquisition systems. The system combines all the advantages of GPS with those of inertial technology, to provide continuous and accurate data. By utilizing the POS LV system, data capture can be undertaken quickly and efficiently.

  • IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit generates a true representation of vehicle motion in all three axis, producing continuous, accurate position and orientation information
  • PCS: POS Computer System enables raw GPS data from as few as one satellite information in areas of intermittent or no GPS reception
  • DMI: Distance Measurement Indicator computes wheel rotation information to aid vehicle positioning
  • GPS Receivers: Embedded GPS receivers provide heading aiding to supplement the inertial data