Inertial Profilers

US Patent: 6,775,914 Canada Patent: 2,405,133
SurPRO 4000

Rolling Surface Profiler

International Cybernetics rolling surface profiler, the SurPRO 4000 is an accurate and effective device for measuring surface profile and roughness characteristics of any placed surface, including roads, structures, runways, and floors. It is a Class 1 profiling unit and uses patented inertial technology.

SurPRO 400 Rolling Surface Profiler
US Patent: 9,404,738 Canadian Patent: 2,849,225

Autonomous Road Profiler

International Cybernetics Corporation’s RoadBot is an autonomous collection system with camera guided tracking solution. This device collects both longitudinal and transverse profiles, as well as elevation and grade information, for any placed surface.

RoadBot Autonomous Road Profiler
ASTM E950 Class 1 Inertial Profiler
Lightweight Profiler

Repeatable data from 5 to 45 mph

The International Cybernetics Corporation MDR408x family of road profilers are precision, non-contact ASTM E950 Class 1 pavement profilers. These systems primarily consist of infrared laser height sensor(s), precision accelerometer(s), a distance measuring unit and an industrial hardened IBM compatible PC.

lightweight profiler mounted on ATV
ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler that is portable.
P3 Portable

Precision Profiler

The International Cybernetics Corporation P3 Portable Precision Profiler is the industry’s leading state of the art Precision Portable Profiler. The P3 can support 16, 32 and 62.5 KHz lasers in addition to Wide Spot and Gocator line lasers. The system is hitch mountable and compatible with imaging, GPS, cross-slope, texture, faulting, geometrics, rutting and many more options.

P3 Portable Precision Profiler