IrisGO Pave

A full condition survey system in a box. Achieve complete integration of industry-leading subsystems including the ICC inertial profiler, LCMS-2, Ladybug 5+, Basler 4K cameras, and iXBlue ATLANS, now in a rugged transportable container that can be mounted to most mid-size pickup trucks.

Data Collection - Made More Accessible

Imagine if you could ship a complete pavement data collection system anywhere in the world on a pallet and install it on a local pickup truck in a day. We did too. That’s the all-new IrisGO Pave from ICC.

All Major Subsystems Included

We included the most popular subsystems into this transportable package, including LCMS-2, Ladybug 5+, Basler cameras, and iXBlue INS. We combined them with our ICC Drive system electronics and software, running on rugged industrial PCs mounted to a shock-absorbent computer rack, inside an air-conditioned enclosure. Sun shields additionally protect vital electronics from radiative heat. Robust electrical connectors are used throughout to insulate against environmental conditions. The systems enclosure itself is weatherproof. 

Compact and Transportable

The entire package fits on a pallet for ready international shipping by land, sea, or air. The LCMS and Ladybug support arms detach from the main assembly. The cables, DMI, and front laptop are easily detached. The portable profiler packs into its own flight case.  

IrisGO Portable Profiler

The IrisGO is available as a recommended option, especially when high quality profile and roughness data are essential to condition measurement. ICC’s inertial profilers are renowned for exceptional accuracy and repeatability, routinely far exceeding the requirements of AASHTO R56, TxDOT, and ASTM E950 certifications. The system is equipped with a target sensor for precise start/stop on control sites. Data can be easily exported from Drive and viewed both in ProVAL and in Connect.

Vehicle Chassis Options

With a weight of only 500 kg (1,100 lbs), the system is loaded with a forklift and mounts securely into a mid-size or full-size pickup bed. The following makes and models are currently supported:

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford F-150
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • GMC Canyon

Please contact us for confirmation of support for specific models as vehicle designs and specifications change often.

Data Collection - Made Faster

Collecting pavement data on your network – just driving your roads – usually accounts for the majority of time and cost on a road condition survey. Consider how much time your crews will save when the collection equipment is easy to calibrate and maintain, the collection core keeps everything tightly and effortlessly synchronized, the subsystems play well together, the overall system is reliable, and the collection software tracks the routes to be collected and helps the crew navigate. Contact us today to learn more about the Iris (Integrated Road Information System) platform and about ICC’s Drive software.

Data Processing - Made Easier

Pavement data is available in higher resolutions and greater volumes than ever before. Processing this data efficiently and producing accurate and repeatable results has been a challenge for the industry. Until now.

With ICC’s Connect software, one software application is all you need to process your collected data, match it to your roads, view it, compare it, and summarize it for upload into your Pavement Management System (PMS). You will be processing and analyzing data faster and more efficiently than ever before. Contact us today for a demonstration.

Industry-leading Synchronization

With IrisGO Pave, the distances between the LCMS-2, Ladybug camera, and IMU are known from the manufacturing process, making calibration easier. Combined with the 0.0001-second synchronization provided by ICC’s collection core, all of your data and image streams will be perfectly aligned, making location errors and data interpretation errors a thing of the past.

Available in Your Language

ICC’s Drive and Connect software are both available in many languages. Contact us today to inquire about support for your preferred language.