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The ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler is mounted to an all terrain vehicle (ATV). This lightweight profiler collects accurate and repeatable data from 5 to 45 mph. Fully Integrated Cross SlopeGPSImagingDesign-Build Estimation

Lightweight Profiler

ICC profilers are precision, non-contact ASTM E950 Class 1 pavement profilers. These systems primarily consist of infrared laser height sensor(s), precision accelerometer(s), a distance measuring unit and an industrial hardened IBM compatible PC.

The complete system is state of the art, composed of hardware and software that is mounted into a vehicle according to the customer’s data collection needs. The profilers can be configured with multiply height sensors, single or dual accelerometers and any subsystem the client wishes. The profiler is primarily used to rate pavement ride (IRI, PI, RN, Rolling Straightedge), rutting, texture and faulting. In addition, the system will produce a profilograph simulation with bump / dip locations and must grind lines. The system collects accurate, repeatable data between 5 to 70 MPH.

These systems are non-vehicle dependent and measurements will not be affected by vehicle speed or suspension, temperature, sunlight, pavement color or texture and wind. All data is collected in real time, displayed on a Flat Panel for the operator viewing, recorded to the hard drive for future analysis and sent to a printer for a graphical report. ICC’s profilers are so accurate and dependable that they were chosen by the FHWA for their LTPP Program.

Lightweight profiler front


  • ATSM E950 Class 1 Profiler, ASTM 1926, ASTM E1 489, ASTM E2560, AASHTO M328, AASHTO R043, AASHTO R054, AASHTO R056, ASHTO R057, TEX 1001-S
  • Certified Equal for the Profilograph Height Sensor(s)
  • High frequency, infrared laser: spot, widespot, and Gocator supported
  • Measurement Accuracy: 0.025mm / 0.002 in for 16, 32, 62.5 kHz
  • Precision Accelerometer(s)
  • Sampling Rate: Continuous longitudinal coverage saved at user specified intervals (.5″ up to 18″)
  • Profile Repeatability: 0.5mm / 0.015 in
  • Profile Bias: 0.015 in (average), 0.05 in (absolute)

Images and data from the lightweight profiler are compatible with ICC’s viewing software.