St. George, UT – For most airports, a key component of runway safety is pavement friction. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advises airports to conduct regular measurements of runway friction. Runway surface friction characteristics can illustrate the runway surface’s roughness, which provides braking and deceleration for aircrafts upon landing.

Over time surface characteristics change due to several factors such as the type and frequency of aircraft activity, weather, environment, and more, which makes it all more critical to conduct regular testing and monitoring to continue to keep runway users safe. To support gathering details, equipment like ICC’s Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT), an aerodynamic tow-behind continuous friction measurement device (CFME), is actively in use gathering friction data with testing happening on airport runways and bridges around the world.

Recently ICC assisted with an onsite evaluation and calibration of Straight Stripe Painting’s DFT device in St George, Utah. This system is approved by the FAA and complies with ASTM standards for measuring the skid resistance of pavement. They handle friction testing for numerous aviation and commercial airports throughout the USA.

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