Nashville, TN – Thanks to the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority for having us! International Cybernetics (ICC) was in Music City, aka Nashville, Tennessee, providing authority staff training on ICC’s Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT), which they own and operate. Our team conducted field training, mirroring the runway testing they will be doing, and supporting proactive safety and asset management. Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ICC’s DFT measures the pavements’ friction characteristics.

Thanks to everyone at the Authority and happy testing!

Did you know? Some facts about the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority:

      • Serves 22 airlines and approx. 585 flights per day.
      • Caters to an estimated 15 Million passengers annually.
      • Opened in 1921 and was used during WWII.
      • Currently undergoing construction to expand services and amenities.

Looking to conduct some testing? Learn more about how ICC’s DFT can support your runway needs!

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