Minneapolis, MN – Recently International Cybernetics (ICC) was back in Minneapolis working with our partner, American Engineering Testing, Inc.  (AET). This will be the second year of our pavement data collection project for the City of Minneapolis. This year, our team, working in collaboration with AET’s Michael R. Anderson, P.G., and Chunhua Han, are collecting the Northeast section of the City, as their roadway network is divided into four quadrants.

Together, ICC and AET are updating the City’s pavement condition information, using a modified ASTM D6433 that focuses on measurable distress from ICC’s IrisPRO Pave survey van and Connect software. The finalized deliveries are formatted for upload to AET pavement management software for analysis, maintenance, and rehabilitation planning as well as budgeting, along with high-definition images for ease of data viewing and review.

We look forward to continued collaboration with AET and the City of Minneapolis!

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