Largo, FL – International Cybernetics (ICC) was pleased to deliver an IrisPRO Pave automated data collection vehicle to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation in December.

With an LCMS-2, inertial profiler, Ladybug 5+ 360° camera, the IrisPRO Pave provides a tightly coupled dataset. The data easily applies to linear reference and GIS systems through the DMI, DGPS, and Inertial Navigation (INS), supporting a range of data collection needs.

It’s important to RIDOT to ensure construction quality through rideability verification, making sure maintenance activities meet expected specifications, supporting long-term pavement performance and better user experiences. With a focus on these goals, combined with the IrisPRO Pave and Connect processing software capabilities, RIDOT can process, review and report test data more efficiently. The ability to introduce enhanced data, such as cross slope, to the test data and rideability requirements, allows for more informed decision-making and maintenance planning.

For example, the additional data will allow RIDOT to develop data-driven crack seal programs from quantitative, spatially referenced cracking data, enabling planning based on locations, expected amounts, and with the assurance of the appropriate existing conditions to make the selected sections the right candidates.