International Cybernetics Corp
P3 Portable
Precision Profiler

ASTM E950 Class 1 inertial profiler that is portable. The system is hitch mountable and compatible with imaging, GPS, cross-slope, texture, faulting, geometrics, rutting and many more options.

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P3 Portable Precision Profiler

The P3 Portable Precision Profiler is the industry’s leading state of the art Precision Portable Profiler. The P3 supports 16, 32 and 64 KHz point lasers, wide spot lasers, and Gocator line lasers.

The P3 can be hitch mounted, installs in minutes and runs off the vehicle’s 12V power. The system consists of a laser height sensors, precision accelerometers, a distance measuring unit and a military hardened laptop or PC.

The P3 is extremely user friendly, supports industry data output and can be combined with GPS or digital imaging. The P3 is modular and fully upgradable. This provides you with the profiling platform that can grow and expand to suit your data collection needs far into the future.

The profiler is primarily used to rate pavement smoothness (IRI, HRI, PI, RN, RCI) and supports formats such as Texas PRO, ProVAL PPF and many more. The system also supports Rolling Straightedge, rutting, texture, faulting, full profilograph simulation with bump/dip locations and must grind lines.

Data and graphs are available in real time and through post processing. The system collects accurate, repeatable data between 5 to 70 MPH. All raw, unfiltered data is saved in binary, encrypted form. This allows the data to be re-processed with any required parameters as many times as the user needs.

ICC’s extreme accuracy and dependability led the FHWA to choose its profilers for their LTPP Program. The profiler’s performance is only matched by ICC’s committed world- wide support.

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  • Modular and expandable; system will grow with your needs- the right equipment at the right price when you need it
  • Collects accurate data from 5 to 75 MPH. Supports data collection in urban areas with low speed drop-outs
  • Hitch mountable – 2″ x 2″ receiver or heavy duty European hitch
  • Comes with rugged shipping and storage container
  • Locates bumps/dips or localized roughness and ties them to both distance and GPS
  • Supports every state and federal required output form including Proval PPF
  • Dedicated support team with decades of experience- both hardware and software engineers on full time staff
  • Data can be tagged with real time sub-meter, sub-foot GPS solutions that operate at highway speeds
  • Supported options are endless- rutting, texture, GPS, cross-slope, imaging, geometrics, and faulting


  • ATSM E950 Class 1 Profiler, AASHTO PP 51, TEX 1001-S
  • Certified Equal for the Profilograph
  • Height Sensor(s)
  • High frequency, infrared laser: Widespot, Line, and Gocator supported
  • Measurement Accuracy: 0.0025mm / 0.002 in
  • Precision Accelerometer(s)
  • Sampling Rate: Continuous longitudinal coverage saved at user specified intervals (.5″ up to 18″)
  • Profile Repeatability: 0.5mm / 0.015 in
  • Profile Bias: 0.015 in (average), 0.5 in (absolute)