Data Collection Vehicles

ICC has solutions to measure roads throughout their lifecycle: design and pre-construction surveys, post-construction quality control and as-built surveys, as well as long-term pavement performance monitoring.  Understanding the rate of pavement deterioration over time is critical to a well-functioning pavement management system.  Our systems are accurate and repeatable, giving you confidence that you can track the condition of your roads over time.

Our vehicles include pavement survey vehicles, friction testers, and inertial profilers.

Reference Devices

ICC reference devices provide high quality ground truth data to validate that your high speed collection systems are functioning properly. Control sites, or certification sites, allow the data from network survey vehicles to be compared to known accurate data collected in advance. The MAP-21 and FAST legislation in the United States require state DOTs to implement certification sites and a process for validating the quality of all data collected for federal reporting purposes. Contact us today to find out how we can help.