Reference Devices

US Patent: 6,775,914 Canada Patent: 2,405,133
SurPRO Rolling Surface Profiler

The SurPRO accurately measures the profile and roughness characteristics of any surface, including roads, runways, and floors. It qualifies as a reference device for Class 1 profiling and uses patented inertial technology.

ASTM E-1845 Texture Measurement
Fast Texture Meter (FTM)

Collects and reports precise, ground truth Texture Measurements, including MPD, RMS, and high-resolution texture profile.

US Patent: 9,404,738 Canadian Patent: 2,849,225
RoadBot Autonomous Profiler

The RoadBot is an autonomous profiler with camera-guided tracking. This device collects both longitudinal and transverse profiles, as well as elevation and grade, for any placed surface.

RoadBot Autonomous Road Profiler