Every highway agency is working to improve safety of their roadways. Learn why collecting friction and geometric data is critical to identifying at-risk areas for roadway departures, one of the leading causes of highway fatalities.

Safety Surveys

Nearly every highway agency has established a goal to have zero roadway fatalities. Over half of fatal crashes are due to roadway departures, and wet pavements and horizontal curvature are leading road-related factors. Reducing roadway departures is a key goal of Strategic Highway Safety Programs in all 50 U.S. states.

One way to reduce accidents is to identify areas with high friction demand and to treat those areas proactively (e.g. with a High Friction Surface Treatment). Does your agency need to locate high friction demand areas? Do you need to measure horizontal curvature and confirm that adequate signage and guardrails are in place? Do you need to measure cross-slope and grade?

ICC provides safety surveys including friction testing and road geometrics surveys as a turnkey service.