Contract ICC to collect and analyze your data to get the job done right

Road Condition

ICC works hand-in-hand with leading civil engineering firms in the USA and Canada to collect and process road condition for municipalities, counties, and states/provinces. Our IrisPRO Pave vehicles use the latest sensors including ICC inertial profilers, Ladybug 5+ imaging, LCMS-2 pavement imaging, and iXBlue or Applanix positioning.


ICC has SFT Friction Testers available in multiple locations in North America for fast deployment to your project. Safety-related geometric data such as crossfall, grade, and curvature can also be measured for a complete picture of conditions.

Quality Control

ICC can collect profile and roughness (IRI, RN) for all your Smoothness Assurance, Construction QC, and Warranty Validation needs. We can also help you set up Control Sites/Calibration Sites to validate your high speed equipment.

Data Processing

Processing the collected data requires time and expertise.  Put our dedicated team to work on your project to reduce your costs and to improve turn-around time, freeing up your team to focus on higher-level analysis and consulting.