St. Louis, MO –  International Cybernetics (ICC)  was at the 2022 Midwestern Pavement Preservation Partnership (MPPP) Annual Meeting recently! From September 12-14 in St. Louis, Missouri, ICC’s Jason Trotter attended and hosted the exhibitor table and connected with industry professionals in the Midwest! 

ICC supports pavement preservation through detailed data collection and advanced processing. With the ability to define road zones, distress type/severity, and customizable reporting, our Connect™ software enables data mining for pavement preservation candidate sections. The data is used in decision-making concerning pavement life extension, safety/satisfaction improvements, and maximizing tax dollars. ICC will build on its understanding through research findings and best practice presentations, allowing ICC to continue developing tools that successfully support agencies with valuable data used for developing optimal preservation maintenance plans.

The Mission is to develop pavement investment programs to gain infrastructure/operational efficiencies and satisfy reporting requirements. Many states have developed programs for preserving pavements and extending serviceability using cost-effective treatments. Sharing experiences will help with the development of comprehensive preservation practices for future generations.

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