Milano, Italia – International Cybernetics (ICC) was excited to attend SURF 2022 in Italy, an international symposium on pavement surface characteristics. Italy, over the last couple of years, is where ICC’s Data Services team has worked with a local firm in completing pavement condition surveys for Italian municipalities. Leveraging Connect’s built-in cloud connector, the ICC team processed LCMS data quickly in the cloud, and our client took advantage of the automation and efficiency offered. From September 12 to 14 Dr. Danilo Balzarini, Ph.D., Pavement Engineer, and Paul Voicu, Software Architect were in beautiful Milan, Italy taking in new and fresh pavement information from all around the world!

SURF is “shaping the future of pavement” by making efforts to enhance the quality of pavement surface characteristics while also achieving efficiency, safety, sustainability, meeting new generation mobility needs, as well as managing user, manager, and social expectations. The Symposium will cover data monitoring and performance assessment, innovation in asset management, economic/political strategies, life-cycle cost analysis/assessment, safety/risk/sustainability issues, maintenance and preservation treatments, materials, and design.

Thank you (Grazie) for hosting this informative international event! Compliments to:

Politecnico di Milano
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. 
PIARC – World Road Association

Learn more about this event: https://surf2022.org/