Portsmouth, NH – The 2022 Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership (NEPPP) Annual Meeting was held May 3-5 in  Portsmouth, New Hampshire. During the meeting, topics of discussions and presentations covered the state of preservation and strategies for successful preservation programs. With State DOTs and contractors present, International Cybernetics (ICC)’s Jason Trotter had valuable conversations on using pavement condition data to assist in preservation programs. Within ICC’s Connect™ software, the report builder allows for the filter and export of detailed data that can help agencies and contractors develop preservation plans. Filtering specific distress, such as low severity longitudinal and transverse cracking, and being able to export it to a shape or kmz, produces actionable information in a quick and usable format. The ability to look at specific conditions at localized (project) instances provides turns data into powerful information supporting preservation and maintenance activities.

The north-eastern regional forum of pavement preservation professionals includes participants from State/Provincial agencies, contractors, suppliers, academia, and local/federal governments working together, sharing knowledge, and recognizing shared issues for additional investigation. During the annual meeting, industry members announced new innovations and accomplishments in research, design, specifications, materials, and construction practices surrounding the benefits of pavement preservation through education and applications.

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