virtual event – With 3.95 million miles of public roads in the US valued at over $1.75 trillion, Pavement Preservation makes sense!

ICC’s pavement experts will virtually be attending the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) 2021 Conference from May 17-20. Our team members will enhance their pavement preservation understanding on the latest research findings, allowing ICC to effectively support agencies with the rich data used in developing the best possible preservation plan. ICC’s collected and processed data is used for making decisions related to extending the life of pavement, improving safety and satisfaction, as well as maximizing public tax dollars.

The NCPP was established in 2003 to lead collaborative forces between government, industry, and education in pavement preservation advancements. Starting as only a vision and backed by AASHTO, the FHWA and FP2, the NCPP’s goal was formed, “to advance the knowledge, technology and practices of cost effectively preserving pavement networks in good condition.”

Do you have the data needed to make an informed decision?

Learn more about the National Pavement Preservation Conference (NPPC 2021).

Equipping Data Driven Decisions