North Charleston, SC – GIS-T was finally live with an in-person experience following 2 years of virtual events. From April 19-22, International Cybernetics (ICC) was in North Charleston, South Carolina exhibiting and presenting at the 2022 AASHTO GIS-T Symposium.

Last week ICC’s Geoff Dew, Data Processing Manager, presented to the industry on “Beyond PCI – Enhanced Decision-Making Criteria to Advance Sumter County Pavement Management.”

Interested in using GIS for uses related to transportation? ICC’s Connect™ software brings powerful spatial matching to network condition data and assets, improving data processing and matching speeds and accuracy. Connect™ supports multiple spatial delivery formats, allowing data and imagery to be imported and viewed in a variety of GIS applications. AASHTO brings government and industry together. Throughout the symposium, participants share experiences, demonstrate innovative software, and discover more through speakers, forums, workshops, sessions, discussions, and networking events.

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