Salt Lake City, UT – The Western Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials annual event, aka WASHTO and represented by the state flags banner, took place in person in Salt Lake City, Utah, from September 12-15.

ICC’s Michael Robson was on-site connecting with industry professionals and listening in on updates from Mr. Bill Panos (2021 WASHTO President and Director of North Dakota Department of Transportation); sharing the latest in ICC technologies (like the IrisPRO, IrisPRO Pave, Connect software, SFT, SurPRO); and learning more about current pavement challenges and applied techniques. Applying the best practices for the environment and supporting legislation all aids with ensuring the transportation system is the Best in the West!

WASHTO allows diverse transportation sectors an opportunity to share ideas, discovering new technologies, and learn about different techniques. They promote quality and implementation of best practices for the western environments as well as advocate for legislation supporting “efficient and effective transportation systems, economic competitiveness and the environmental integrity of member states.” ~ WASHTO.

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