Upcoming Webinar | Wed April 7, 2021 @1:00pm ET – While the capabilities and resolution of pavement data collection sensors have enhanced over the last decade and data processing and visualization software can now manage larger volumes of data than ever before, the standards that many pavement condition surveys are measured against have not significantly changed.  

How can we help with change? International Cybernetics (ICC) will be presenting research on the latest advancements. Michael Nieminen and Danilo Balzirini, Ph.D. of ICC are looking forward to participating in the TRB Advances in Pavement Condition Surveys webinar. On April 7 @1:00pm ET they will present findings from their work with the ASTM E17 working group for developing a new cracking standard, as well as educating participants on ICC’s own research on bringing true automation to pavement distress surveys.  

Check out the full discussion agenda here. 

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