Day 2 (Sept 16) – Day 2 participation of #RPUG 2020 was full of useful information! Topics for the 101 webinars covered Tire/Pavement Noise, Splash/Spray/Hydroplaning and Vehicle Rolling Resistance.

Among today’s presenters was Gerardo Flintsch from Virginia Tech who shared the 101 on Splash, Spray and Hydroplaning. He explained how various elements (the type of pavement, vehicle, environment, etc.) can produce various tire/pavement interactions with the road. Along with the evolution of roads, the standards have also progressed for smoothness (ride quality), Friction (safety), hydroplaning, splash & spray, rolling resistance, noise, etc. Best interactions optimize each standard to the max. Gerardo goes on to share “we are in the 5th Generation of roads, ones that are Smart, Sustainable and Resilient”.

The second part of the program will continue in October. Sessions will include presentations on the latest industry hot topics. A panel discussion will conclude days 3 + 4 sessions.

Day 1 (Sept 15) – This week ICC is “attending” the 2020 Road Profilers Users’ Group (#RPUG) virtual event! The 32nd annual conference is being held virtually this year as a series of webinars over 5 days. September sessions focus on 101 classes, while October sessions offer presentations and an expert panel discussion. Information provided engages beginners and seasoned professionals, “The 101 sessions are designed to be informative and educational in nature, allowing an industry subject matter expert to provide a guided tour on the history and practical application of a given topic.” – RPUG.

ICC team members participated, from various locations (and with a cup of coffee), for Day 1 of the webinar series, “101 for Road Profiling and Tire/#Pavement Friction & Grip”. Information was presented by Mr. Steve Karamihas (Road Profile Measurement & Interpretation) and Mr. Brian Schleppi (Tire/Pavement Friction & Grip), who stated when related to #friction, “measurement must relate to micro and macro texture of the surface.” ICC’s SFT friction testers allow for laser based capture of Macrotexture, ASTM E1845 compliant, where this data set can also be captured on the #IrisPRO family of pavement #profilers and network survey equipment.

Click for more event info: https://bit.ly/3hwfWWv