Are you having challenges collecting reference profiles on your validation sites? Perhaps you are spending time and resources with outdated and inefficient equipment? We can help! The SurPRO 5000, one of the latest developments from International Cybernetics Company (ICC), is incredibly easy to use and highly accurate.

The SurPRO has been thoughtfully designed to meet and exceed industry standards while keeping the user in mind with our simple and intuitive interface.

In the last few months, we have proudly delivered over 10 SurPRO 5000 units to clients around the globe. The satisfaction and success stories from our clients speak volumes about the benefits of the SurPRO 5000. 

Here’s what John Senger, P.E., with the Illinois Department of Transportation, Engineering of Pavement Technology Department had to say:

“The enhancements to the SurPRO 5000 have made the device much easier to set up and use. The new user-friendly interface puts all the data right at your fingertips. The tablet displays all the relevant data, in real time, as you are collecting. We have set up one of our local certification sites with the upgraded device and everything went much smoother.”

Here’s what makes SurPRO 5000 the best choice in the industry:

– Collect precision profile on any paved surface.

– Identify surface defects to achieve target roughness indices.

– View graphs, export files, and email results immediately following data collection.

– Open and use ProVAL right on the device.

– Generate common industry standard file formats like PPF and ERD.

– Test bridges before approaches are in place.

– Measure road and drainage slopes.

– Exceeds ASTM & World Bank Class 1 profiler performance requirements.

– Provides unfiltered true elevation profiles.

You can find out more about the SurPRO 5000 and other devices manufactured by ICC here on our website or by calling +1-727-547-0696 and speaking with one of our equipment specialists.