Fast Texture Meter at MnRoads

ICC’s latest reference device, the Fast Texture Meter (FTM), participated in the MnRoads texture rodeo from Sep 24-27, 2018.  The FTM measures texture on any pavement surface and displays the measurements on the screen in real-time.  Thanks to Dr. Rohan Perera for inviting us to participate.  As part of the study, ICC also measured texture with a high speed unit equipped with both point and line lasers.  Adam Kennedy and Evan Brito ran the collection and processed the data.  The research team will compare the different devices to each other and to ground truth.

The FTM collects high-resolution texture profile well into the microtexture range (<0.1mm vertical resolution). It calculates the texture parameters MPD and RMS in under 10 seconds for any surface according to ASTM E-1845 Standard Practice for Calculating Pavement Macrotexture Mean Profile Depth. The device produces excellent repeatability between successive measurements, shown below.